Joy's Creative Moments only uses myler foil & the highest quality latex balloons which are all 100% biodegradable. Not only are they better for the environment but look high end & last longer too.
Depending on the environment most outdoor balloon installations will last 1- 2 days. Indoor installations can last months if cared for properly; however Joy's Creative Moments cannot guarantee the lifespan of any balloons once picked up, delivered or installed due to their temporary & delicate nature.
Wall hung balloon systems do not include tear down. This is the clients responsibility. If there is a backdrop or greenery/floral rental with your balloon package then tear down is included & Joy's Creative Moments may dispose the balloons on that backdrop only if the client wishes. All balloons belong to the client to do with as they wish. Sometimes, during a tear down, if the client does not wish to keep their balloons; Joy's Creative Moments may offer to recycle balloons for content purposes or donate for free pick up on social media.
If your balloons are still looking fresh & new we always recommend seeing if you can recycle to a friend or stranger on Facebook marketplace. What is great about their longevity, is they can be reused over and over again for multiple, different events. All latex balloons are biodegradable & can actually be composted. When ready to dispose be sure to cut them & garbage normally. Mylar balloons are recyclable.  
To ensure that all proper orders are placed & desired colors are met in time for your event, Joy's Creative Moments recommends booking a minimum of 3 weeks in advance. Any bookings under 3 weeks are subject to $75 in additional rush/shipping fees.
Double stuffing is a term a lot of balloon artists use to describe the technique where one colored balloon is inserted into another color to create a custom look which results in a thicker, matter appearance that is very popular right now. Due to the additional labor & cost of balloons there is an increase in price for any custom color.
We love an inspo photo but the short answer is no & for a multitude of reasons. Almost all of the images that get sent to us are custom colors (see above FAQ) filtered or in some way edited, changing the appearance or color of the balloons. Every balloon installation is unique because of it's environment & the designer behind it. A balloon arch in a well lit, white room will look very different from one in a moodier, darker location and the designer installing, will have techniques & a way of doing things others will not. Although we can try to design a similar piece for you ultimately it will not be the same & Joy's Creative Moments strongly encourages all of our clients to think of their inspo photos as just that - inspiration.
Joy's Creative Moments accepts most electronic payment types. Once you are ready to book, I will send out an invoice and contract via Square (accepts all major credit/debit cards). We can discuss other options if needed.