1. Client is aware that by paying the 50% non - refundable retainer fee they are agreeing my terms and conditions.

  2. Final payment is due 3 days before event.

  3. Retainer fee is non - refundable. However, it is transferable subject to availability.

  4. The client understands that we charge an additional 20% for delivery/installation fee.

  5. Joy's Decor Lab will inform the client of the life span/care information for balloons.
  6. Any damaged/lost/stolen prop(s) will be invoiced to the client.

  7. Balloons are hazardous to children. Risk of choking. Please do not leave children unsupervised around any set up.

  8. Balloons are delicate. Please avoid letting children play/sharp objects to be near the set up.

  9. Use of command hooks. If set up requires it, the client gives permission to use command hooks on any interior/exterior wall and understands the risk of damage.

  10. The client will credit Joy’s Decor Lab in any balloon photos that is shared.